Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My New Apartment

So, as I've been mentioning in every post for probably 2 months now, I've just recently moved from Windsor to Toronto to pursue a career in editing. I just moved into my new apartment on Friday, and I thought I'd show you all my cozy little apartment! This is not a beauty post, nor a fashion post, but like I mentioned in my New Year's post, I'd like to direct this blog more into a Lifestyle direction - still of course including Beauty & Fashion, but incorporating other things as well. Speaking of, I need to change my header. Do any of you know someone who could design me a cute new header for free?

Anyway, on to the photos! Please try to picture the place without all the boxes, because I've actually unpacked most of those since I took these photos, haha. :)

This is my main living room area - couch, TV, bookshelves, desk & computer. Everything fit a lot better in here than I thought it would! 

This is my kitchen. It's tiny but there's a lot of cupboard space so it's not too bad. Plus I have everything I need. :) 

This is my bathroom. Also tiny, I'm getting used to having less counter space. 

Annnd my bedroom. Actually really impressed how much room I had in here - I thought I would struggle a lot more to fit all my bedroom furniture but it's perfect! 

Last but not least, I have a balcony! I'm on the 16th floor and the view is pretty awesome. Can't wait to make use of it when the weather gets warmer! 


  1. so exciting new begining such an adventure!

  2. Soooo nice!!!!

  3. Nice place you got here, Kristy. After unpacking those boxes and getting used to this place, I’m sure you’ll be able to transform it into a real home in no time. I hope that aside from the wonderful living space, all the facilities here also work in your favor. How are you settling now?

    Von Madison