Sunday, 4 November 2012

Product Review: Born Pretty 6pc Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils

I was super excited to recieve this Waterproof Eyeliner Set in the mail the other day from Born Pretty. This set includes 6 eyeliners, including a pearly white, a regular black, and beautiful jewel-toned pink, purple, green, and gold.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, which was very neat, and very cute. The plastic button up pouch they come in is perfect for storage and also good for traveling. And the lid on each eyeliner is a blue plastic cap that looks like it belongs with some kind of toy or board games (I'm thinking Trolls - anyone remember those things? Haha). So cute!

These are regular pencil eyeliners so they're super easy to use. They're also beautifully pigmented - the coloured ones are so bright, and the white shows up so well. I am definitely impressed with how well these show up on skin and how easily they glide on.

One thing that could be either good or bad is that they do smudge pretty easily. If you're creating a smudged look, it's great. However, I'm not sure they would last all day without smudging. I'm also not 100% sure how waterproof they actually are. I'm gonna have to test these out on a rainy day!

Overall though, I think these are a really great product for the price - only $5.99 for the whole set.

Born Pretty is offering my readers a 5% discount with any order. This offer is valid until December 30th. Just enter the coupon code KH5X61 at checkout! They offer great products like these eyeliners, and lots of other make-up and beauty products as well, all for really reasonable prices.

*I recieved this product for free for consideration. All opinions are my own.


  1. They look so cute and very pigmented!:)

  2. love the pigmentation! really great pencils

  3. the color looks amazing!

    oh bytheway scratch that fat sentence. I'm gaining weight you see, and some people are telling me that my hands are getting bigger and so.. yeah :(
    sorry didn't want to make you feel that way.

    keep reading my blog and let's be friends :)

  4. Cool post dear :)
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  5. Lovely review, I'm not a big wearer of eye liner though

  6. I have nominted you for the libester and versatile blogger award... go here to find out more...

  7. these look cute but it's too bad they smudge!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    want to follow each other?

  8. I didn't even knew there were too many eye-liner colors!
    ...I was surprised by my new purple one....
    I'm more into nails :P

  9. love that they look like they are made for little girls, a little sparkle never killed anyone;)
    xx Kate

  10. lovely

  11. I love the crayon-ish look :)
    The colours look amazing
    x Love M