Thursday, 22 November 2012

Product Review: Barbie Loves Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Mini Gloss

As much as I love lip products, I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss. They're sticky and you need to re-apply them often ... not things that make me excited. I definitely bought this lip gloss trio purely for the Barbie name, and I'm not ashamed to admit that. :P

Joy; Tickled Pink; Happiness

I was also really intrigued when I read in the description that these glosses contained an ingredient called rhodolea rosea, which is supposed to improve mood and alleviate depression. This definitely makes the names of the colours appropriate!

Onto the actual colours, Joy is a classic red, Tickled Pink is a hot fuscia pink, and Happiness a baby pink - colours you would definitely associate with Barbie, and Valentine's Day for that matter. These are all colours that come in handy for me on a regular basis.

These glosses come in little tubes which you twist up, which releases colour into the brush at the application end. I think Tickled Pink was defective, because it literally exploded everywhere. As for actual application, it's definitely not easy. I really hate these kind of application brushes. What I've been doing is brushing a bit of colour onto my lips (which is always too much) and then spreading it and blending it with a separate lip brush.

Colour payoff is amazing, and definitely live up to the gorgeous colours that are represented in the tubes. I like that if you apply these straight to the lips, they kind of stain the lips and leave a bit of colour even after most of the gloss comes off. However, they are still glosses, and they are still incredibly sticky.

Conclusion? I really like the colours, hate the brush, and still don't like the feel of lip gloss on my lips. I wouldn't buy any more Stila lip glosses.


  1. The colors and pigmentation of them is amazing, must get them for xmas!:)

  2. love the colors


  3. It's a shame it wasn't as great as hoped. You're right though-the colours are so vivd and beautiful :) Thankyou for being honest!!


  4. Love these colors!

    <3 Melissa

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  6. The pigmentation looks amazing but not sure about the actual brand and packaging...a bit gimmicky maybe?


    1. Well the actual brand is stila, but the Barbie thing is definitely a gimmick.


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  9. those colors are gorgeous !

    xx Liyana

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  11. love the colors of the glosses! :*