Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nail of the Day: Barbie Pink

So it's Halloween weekend, and I'm dressing up as 80s Barbie for work today. I obviously needed to wear a bright pink nail polish to complete the look. This is China Glaze "Pink Voltage" with "Nova" sparkle top coat on the ring finger. This is the first time I've worn this colour and holy crap, it's amazing! Probably my new favourite nail polish. It's a super bright neon pink with a hint of blue shimmer, but it dries slightly matte. I can't even describe how incredible that looks in real life. If you like bright pink polishes, I definitely recommend this one. It's GORGEOUS.

Also, an outfit of the day with my Barbie costume will be coming soon! Check back for that. :)


  1. Such a lovely colour, where did you buy this?

    1. I got it in a 3-pack from Winners! Sometimes they have such great stuff but never the same thing twice. :P

  2. Thank you darling. I would love to follow each other! I'm following you now at GFC and bloglovin ;)

    Now it's up to you!

    Love, Anja

  3. Great Barbie pink colour!
    Thanks a lot for such nice words on my blog! Of coure I agree to follo each other! Please feel free to follow me (on GFC, Bloglovin, FB page - choose whatever you want or everything) and I'll follow back on your every social network!

  4. Thaks for following! I follow back on Bloglovin (#52), GFC (#257),Pinterest! =)
    Sorry but I haven't seen you in my FB page...There is the same number of readers)

  5. I love the hot pink! Nice to see a fellow Canadian! How would you like to follow each other?

  6. Love that pink! It's that perfect punchy pink!!! LOVE IT!!!! Love how you are from Ontario--we are too from Toronto!!! OHHH YAAA baby!
    xo The Beckerman Girls