Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Product Review: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

First thing that I want to say is that it's definitely worth it to spend a bit of extra money for a really good top coat. As you all probably realize, I do my nails a LOT. A good top coat is definitely a must. I got the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat in my last nail polish haul, and have been using it ever since. It is the most amazing top coat I've ever tried! As the name suggests, it dries fast. When I say fast, I mean super fast, like within a minute - even if you apply it over still-sticky nail polish. I find this to be so important, because I always end up messing up my nails if they don't dry quickly enough - I have stuff to do with my hands! Haha. It also thoroughly hardens every layer of polish, which helps prevent chipping. Another plus is the size of the bottle - it's quite a bit bigger than your normal nail polish bottle, which means it contains more product. I've already used a lot of this, but it hardly looks like I've used any. I'm excited that this is going to last me a long time!

The only downside I've come across with this top coat is the smell. As soon as you open the bottle, there is quite a strong smell that lingers until your nails dry (which luckily, isn't long, because like I said, this polish dries SUPER fast). A lot of nail polishes these days don't contain the harmful chemicals that cause this sort of smell. It was definitely a throwback to the days when I'd use my mom's nail polishes as a kid - they all smelled like this. So it makes me think that there's something in this polish that isn't quite healthy. Just make sure not to inhale too much of it!

This top coat goes for $11 on NailPolishCanada.com. Like I said, it's a little bit pricey, but totally worth it. I really want to try some of the other Seche products - I am super impressed thus far!

What is your favourite top coat?


  1. want to try this, i love the sally hansen insta dri!:)


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  3. I do need a new top coat nail polish, will be looking into this. Thanks for the review! x Sushi

  4. i love this top coat

  5. Can you find this top coat in any stores in Canada? It sounds like a great product! I need a good topcoat!

    1. I'm not sure, you could try Sally's, they might have it.

  6. I love this Top Coat but after a while, since it is so thick, it becomes goopy and really hard to use!

    Andrea and the Beauty Blog