Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Product Review: Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara

I bought this mascara a while back, mostly on impulse, because it was on sale and came with a free liquid eye-liner. I am a sucker for deals, sometimes to a fault.

The product is Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara, which claims to "help lashes grow stronger while visibly adding length and volume". Maybe it's because I haven't used it often enough to notice any results, or maybe it's just because I have pretty decent natural eyelashes to begin with, but I really haven't noticed any difference in the strength or length of my lashes.

The brush on this mascara wand is a really big one - it's super long and thick, tapering off a bit towards the end. Usually I'm a big fan of super-sized mascara brushes, but I found this one quite hard to work with. It took some practice to keep from getting any product on the skin around my eyes. For this aspect alone, this definitely isn't a mascara for beginners to start out with. The bristles are also spaced pretty far apart.

Although this product claims to add length and volume, I feel that it does a lot more in the length department. While it does add average volume, it's nothing overly noticeable.

The brush does do a semi-decent job of separating the lashes, although, again, it does take a bit of work to keep any clumping from happening.

Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara comes in 4 shades - Black, Blackest Black, Blackened Brown, and Black Shimmer. I have it in Black, because the 3 different shades of black seemed a bit repetitive to me. I don't know if there actually is much of a difference between the 3 black shades, but I doubt it would be hugely noticeable.

In all, this mascara is nothing special. There are much easier mascaras to apply, with better results. Maybe if I'd used it more consistently I would notice a difference in the health of my natural lashes, but I guess I will never know, because I will not be repurchasing.


  1. wow it looks great *_*!

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  3. I have that mascara also, I don't mind it but I probably wouldn't repurchase it. It's great for a natural look though! xx

  4. I like this mascara for just a simple, subtle look. Your eyes are very pretty.


  5. Gorgeous lashes - must pick one up because my lashes are slightly lacking in the length department!


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  7. So fun !!! love your eyes

    N'hésite pas à passer - des bisous ♥