Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Beauty Profile

Amanda from Oops, I'm in Germany came up with the idea to do a beauty profile - basically a post explaining personal skin-type and such. This is a great idea, especially for beauty bloggers, because everyone has different skin/hair/etc., and just because one person has a good/bad experience with a product doesn't mean everyone will! Anyway, Amanda tagged me to do this post & I figured it would be a great idea. Here goes:

Name: Kristy
Age: 24
Country: Canada

Skin Type: Combination to oily - more on the oily side.
Skin Tone: Fair to medium. I tan very easily. I have neutral undertones.

Eyelids: I have a prominent crease.
Eyelashes: Long and naturally curled, but blonde, so mascara is essential. They're also longer than they are thick so I like to wear thickening mascara opposed to lengthening.

Hair Color: Blonde.
Length: Medium.
Thickness: Fine.
Style: Naturally wavy; long layers with side-bangs.

I tag Tawny from BeautyByT and Melanie Clare from Beauty with Melanie Clare to do a beauty profile! I also tag anyone else who wants to do one, because it seems like such a good idea to me. :)


  1. oh honey, you're so beautiful. i love the way you smile ;)

  2. What a good idea! I may have to copy it on my blog! I love your hair so much!

    Great blog, I'm now following!


  3. Great idea for a post! It's so true, as I've read blog posts of products that I've loved that another has hated and vice versa!