Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Style Inspo: Hardware (Studs & Spikes)

I have been a fan of all things studded since my days of being a wannabe-scene/punk/emo kid or whatever you'd like to call it! I'm talking about lots of pink plaid, chains, neon accessories, and black eye-liner. And studs.

It seems that hardware has made it's way into the fashion world with a bang lately. I've been seeing studs, and even edgier spikes, all over the place later. My inner scene-kid is screaming for joy (yes, she still exists - I am so nostalgic for my juvenile teenage style sometimes).

Anywho, reminiscing aside, here is some studded and spiked style inspo for you.


*Images not linked to another site were found on Tumblr.


  1. i love studs and spikes!! :D i love your Pink denim~~!! ><

  2. Love the first outfit so much! x Sushi

  3. agreed -- i've been seeing studs everywhere lately, and although i really didn't like the trend at first (too hardcore for me! ha ha!) i love 'em now! i really like making my own cutoffs and adding studs as well.
    cute little blog, by the way! i love it!


  4. I looove spikes!!! :) great inspiration post! I am also Canadian, from the WEst Coast!

  5. Sensible y creativo blog.Te sigo y te invito a seguir el mío.Saludos poéticos.