Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What's in my bag?

I got this bag from my mom for Christmas, and have been carrying it around diligently ever since. It was definitely a downsize for me, as I'm used to HUGE purses, but it still holds a surprising amount of stuff. Everything that I need, at least. :)

Here is my bag. The 'brand' is d-fusion. I looove the print to death, and I also like the dangly chain details on the front. Also I have my Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer dangling from the front, of course!

And here are (most of) the contents of my purse! I excluded the random receipts, coupons, and other junk that found its way in there, but didn't need to be. 

On the far left is my little medicine bag that I take with me everywhere. As you can see, there is Gravol in there, plus some Advil, Benedryl, Pepto Bismol, a pad & a tampon (tmi?), floss, and a chapstick. Because you never know! The Advil comes in handy more often than it should.

Then there is my matching wallet, a mini contact solution, a mini hand cream/santizer, my keys, oil absorbing sheets, gum, my iPod, Kleenex, a mini wind-up flashing (in case of emergencies/coming home in the dark/etc.), my EOS lipbalm, and a pen!

Also, I always carry my phone with me in my purse, but I forgot to include it in the picture. I have an Acer Liquid E, which is an Android phone.

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  1. I love your bag! It's so stylish and cute. Your right about the medicine since you never know when it's needed. Thought I would stop by and say hi. I love your blog. I can't wait to read more of your post!

    XO Jojo