Wednesday, 2 May 2012

OPI Spiderman Collection

OPI has come out with another collection for a summer blockbuster. This time it's for Spiderman. Interesting choice - I wouldn't have called this one, as I don't really connect anything beauty related to anything comic-book or Spiderman related. Then again, I guess it doesn't have to make sense! In any case, I like the look of the colours in this collection.

From left to right: Shatter the Scales, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Call Me Gwen-Ever,
Your Web or Mine?, Just Spotted the Lizard, Number One Nemesis, Into the Night
I have decided that I NEED Just Spotted the Lizard. Every picture I've seen of this polish looks different, because it is such a multi-coloured chrome polish, having yellow, green, and gold pigments to it. I also want to try Number One Nemesis, which is a dark green that looks metallic-y/shimmery. Your Web or Mine? looks like a really pretty pink/coral that almost reminds me of satin, and I wouldn't mind trying it out. As for the Shatter colour in this collection, I'm not sure - it seems like the deep forest green would be hard to match with many other colours. 

One thing I am surprised about is the fact that there is no red shade in this collection. Although reds have been done to death, when I think of Spiderman, I think red - right?

Have you tried out any of these colours yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. I might have to get 'Your Web or Mine' just for the name ... it made me laugh out loud! I hadn't heard about these until I came over to your blog. It's great by the way. I'm now following xx

  2. Looks like some great polishes, I can't wait to pick a few up! I'm definitely confused as to the whole "no red" thing either, kind of bizarre!