Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nail Polish Haul

Nail polish has possibly become the one thing that I can not pass up buying. Almost every time I go to the drug store, or to a department store, I come home with at least one. does not make this addiction of mine any better! Especially when they send me e-mails about sales. That's how I ended up with this batch. Plus free shipping over $29... why not, right? Ha. Oy. This is not a sponsered post, by the way, but I do think that the website is great, and if you live in Canada and are a nail polish junkie like me, you should check it out!

Anyway, on to the haul.

China Glaze: "Hook and Line" ($7.75 $4.75); "Under the Boardwalk" ($7.75)

My first experience with China Glaze was with the Hunger Games collection & I found that I love this brand of polishes so much! They are easy to apply and are the colour they're supposed to be with relatively few coats. So when I saw "Hook and Line" on sale, which is also from the Hunger Games collection, I had to get it. "Under the Boardwalk" is from the Summer Neons collection, which is a gorgeous collection, and I so badly wanted to buy all of them!  But since they weren't on sale, I settled for this bright purple. 

Zoya: "Uli" ($8.75 $6.80); "Meadow" ($8.75 $6.80)

I have never tried any nail polish by Zoya before, so I figured that the perfect time to try them out would be while they're on sale. I love the way these two colours shimmer in the bottles, and I hope the result on my nails is similar. If I like them, $8.75 a piece really isn't too bad for a good quality nail polish! 

Nubar: "Orange Cream" ($8.75 $6.50); OPI: "Dusk Over Cairo" ($10.50 $8.50)

Nubar is another brand I've never tried before, simply because I never seem to have come across it! But there it was on sale and this is a colour that I don't have anything even similar to, so I thought I'd try it out. Again, if it's a good polish, the full price of $8.75 really isn't bad for a nail polish. It's nice to try things out when they're on sale though. :) And of course, I couldn't not buy an OPI polish when they're being offered! I got this gorgeous dark dusty rose colour. Always a bonus when they're on sale. I sometimes have a hard price paying full price for OPI because they are quite expensive, and even though the formula is usually great, I've come across a few exceptions. 

Anyway. LOVE! Can't wait to try these all out!


  1. love the china glaze ones!!! thanks for sharing :D

  2. make sure you do reviews on all of them!:D

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    I follow you ! Follow me back ?

    kiss kiss from Switzerland :*

  4. LOVE LOVE the Zoya nail polishes! I have awarded you with the "Liebster" Award! Check out my blog post for details! Congrats! :D

    -♡ Valerie Angel

  5. i really love yourtaste in nailpolish!!