Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nail of the Day: Styled Out

This is Maybelline New York's Color Show 'Denims' in "Styled Out". I was really iffy about buying anything from this collection because the bottle is so small compared to a normal bottle of nail polish, and also because they were SO CHEAP. Seriously, this only cost me something like $2.75. So I instantly thought that they just wouldn't be very good polishes. But I figured, for that price, I might as well try it out - at least if it were crap, I didn't spend a lot on it.

However, it wasn't crap! I was actually quite impressed with the quality, actually. It went on nice and smooth without any awkward streaking, which annoys me so much. 2 coats left a really nice finish. Not the best for wear-and-tear - it did chip pretty quickly. However, for the price I payed, I can't complain. The colour is nice but I think I might prefer it matte. I will have to try it with my matte topcoat next.

I think I will have to buy some more colours from Maybelline Color Show, & see how they compare. They did have some really nice brights!


  1. This is a cute color! It would look great with a glitter polish on top =)
    Little Petite

  2. i like the way you express your own ideas here.

  3. Really pretty colour and such a good price!