Friday, 4 May 2012

05/04/12 - Forever 21 Haul

Forever 21 has been my favourite store for so many years now. And I don't even have one nearby! Therefore, I do most of my shopping there online. Which can be very dangerous - I find that it's so much easier to find loads of things I like online than when actually shopping in a store. Anyway, here is the recent damage:

Rhinestone Happy Face Tank - Yellow/Black - $18.80
Rhinestone Stretchy Ring - $6.80
Chain & Stud Bracelet Set - Black/Gold - $5.80

High Rise Denim Shorts - $23.80

Sparkling Flowers Ring - Pink/Gold - $10.80

Beaded Panel Bracelet - $5.80

Studded Leatherette Bracelet - $7.80

Longline Rib Knit Tank - White - $5.80

Essential Knit Tank - Pink - $3.80

Essential Longline Cami - Yellow - $4.80

Essential Longline Cami - Black - $4.80

So, I kind of did some serious damage this time around! To be fair, about half of it is basic tanks. I probably didn't need more, but there are so many colours that I don't have! And also I don't have a basic white tank top, and I felt the need for one of those, and another black one never hurts right? :P You can also tell that I have a serious thing for rings and bracelets right now. Serious. Thing.


  1. Great haul! I will have days where I can find some great things at Forever 21 and then I'll be stuck in a rut and won't find anything. I've been in a bit of a rut, but this inspired me to go and check it out again! The first tank top is too cute!

  2. greaat great piecces honey, i reaally love the first tshirt!