Thursday, 30 June 2011

Packing for a Weekend Trip

It's Canada Day weekend, & my parents have rented a cottage in Grand Bend from today until Saturday. So, obviously this is a super short weekend trip away, and there is absolutely no need to pack very much, especially considering I'm going to be spending most of the weekend on the beach. Still, I have a serious problem with overpacking. I really tried not to, but still ended up with a bulging suitcase! I always just think 'what if..?' for so many different situations, and pack way more stuff than I need. Even though I can buy pretty much anything there, and I know I'm gonna be going shopping. =/ Anyway, I did manage to narrow it down a little bit.

To begin with, I'm wearing a pair of denim shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of flip flops. Also I'm carrying a cardigan with me.
In my suitcase, I packed: 3 pairs of underwear, 1 bra, 2 bathing suits, a bathing suit cover-up, another pair of denim shorts, a tank top, pajamas, & a pair of jeans and a sweater for if it gets cold at night. I also packed a towel, my hair dryer, and my laptop. I had a real hard time deciding whether to bring my hair dryer & straightener, since I do use them both every day, but at the same time, I'm probably only going to be showering there once, and I'll probably be on the beach anyway. So I decided on just the hair dryer. And I know I probably can survive without my computer for a couple of days, but we're also bringing some DVDs for my nephew and I was gonna hook it up to the TV so that he could watch them.

In my toiletries bag, I have: mouthwash; my toothbrush and toothpaste; my glasses, contact case, and contact solution; face wash; deodorant; body lotion; body spray, and a loofah. I didn't need to bring shampoo, conditioner, or body wash because my mom is bringing some full sized ones for everyone to use. As for make-up, I packed: tinted moisturizer, face powder, bronzer, a brown eyeshadow trio, a white eyeliner, a brown eyeliner, a face brush, blush brush, and eyeshadow brush, and a lipstick and chapstick.

And then I have my purse, in which I'm bringing a couple of books and my ipod.

Yup... too much right? :P Oh well.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Been slacking ... =/

Just a general update since I once again haven't made a blog post in forever. I suck at keeping up with this lol. Anyway, I have a couple more outfit posts coming your way, plus my feather extensions finally came in the mail today so how that turns out and my experience with putting those in by myself will be coming soon too. Also, I am going away for the weekend tomorrow and am thinking of making a 'make-up and beauty essentials' post that relates - since I really gotta narrow down what it is I actually use whenever I go away anywhere. I also have a couple products I want to review and post on here so no worries - there is lots to come in the next little while! Look out for all of that + more!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Feather Extensions

I really just love the idea of feather hair extensions lately. It just seems like such a fun way to add some colour to your hair!
You can get these feathers in solid colours or in the grizzly pattern, which are the stripey ones you can see in the picture. I personally feel like the grizzly ones look a lot cooler, but I think the best idea is probably to pair a some grizzly ones with some solid ones for the best look. And of course, you can wear as many or as few as you'd like, and you can wear them on top and make them really obvious, or you can wear them in your under layers so that they only really peek out once in a while.

Obviously there are lots of celebrities with these feather extensions, but I only first really noticed them when missglamorazzi and FleurDeForce from YouTube got them. They both pull it off so well!

At first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull them off because I have shorter hair than the people in most of the pictures with them that I've seen. But I started searching eBay and Etsy for some and I found that they do make shorter ones specifically for shorter hair. I still don't know how well I'm going to be able to pull them off, but I ended up buying these ones. They come with 6 feathers altogether, including some natural coloured ones (brown and beige), pink ones, and black & white grizzly ones. They also come with links so that you can put them in your hair yourself. I am so excited for them to come!