Monday, 23 May 2011

Outfit of the Day - 05/20/11 ++

Top: Ardene
(Faux) Leather Shorts: Forever 21

I wore this out on Friday night to a club called Symbol. My friends said that we should all wear shorts so I was all like 'Yeah! I'm finally gonna wear my leather shorts!' cause I've had them for quite some time now but haven't found the opportunity to wear them. Anyway, none of them ended up wearing shorts, but we all still looked good, I think. :P

Oh, also, my bag is a pink sequined clutch from Bentley I think.

I also went out Saturday night. 2 nights in a row is crazy for me. :P

My dress is frommm Sirens I believe, I got in in Florida a couple years ago. I wore it with black ankle booties.

I promise I will start making some real posts soon! I've been crazy busy lately and haven't had time for anything except work, school, and partying apparently lol. But soon!

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  1. don't worry you look great in shorts and so does you friends :)great blog im your new follower i hope you'll follow me back :)