Friday, 29 April 2011

Holiday Haul: Easter

Yes, I realize that Easter was almost a whole week ago and I have been slacking. But my parents (especially my mom, since she's the one who did the shopping) were awesome and went to Bath & Body Works to get my Easter present!

First thing is this Small Signature Basket in Sweet Pea. I LOVE SWEET PEA SCENTED THINGS.

It comes with a shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist, bubble bath, mini loofah, and a ladybug air freshener. How cute!

I also got one of these cute Wallflowers also with a Sweet Pea bulb. When plugged in, it makes my whole place smell amazing. 
Aside from those awesome things that I'm loving, I of course got lots of chocolate, most of which is gone already. :S And also a gift card to Stitches! Awesome.

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