Thursday, 21 April 2011

Essie - Mod Square Nail Polish

So, earlier this week I made the splurge and finally bought myself an Essie nail polish. Well, actually, I already have the Essie matte top coat, but this is my the first actual colour I bought. They ended up being on sale too, so I only paid around $8.75 instead of the usual $10. Anyway, I had SUCH a hard time picking out a colour, there were so many nice ones. Anyway, I ended up choosing a bright Barbie pink called Mod Square. Last night I put it on, and O M G I love it so much. It is the perfect spring colour! And as for the polish itself, I loved the consistency, the brush, how easy it was to apply - everything! I definitely need to go back and get some more colours when I get a chance. I can say it's definitely worth the splurge to spend a little bit of extra money to get better quality nail polishes.

1 comment:

  1. Love the color! You've got a great blog! ;)

    xoxo Lindsey