Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's in my Bag?

This is my beloved Guess purse that my parents bought me 2 Christmas's ago. It is still the best bag I've ever had. It's so durable and pretty and big, with lots of room!

It's quite a mess in there, since it has so much space. There are a lot of old receipts and movie stubs and other garbage like that that I should probably clean out.

However, here are the main things/objects of any interest or note.

  • 2011-2012 Calendar/Planner. I really don't even use this. I should.
  • Medicine bag. Contains things such as gravol, ibuprophen, benadryl, and a lipgloss, all of which are essential to have on me at all times.
  • Little Mermaid playing cards. These have come in handy more often then you think, especially when waiting for something!
  • iPod nano. I don't always have it in my purse, but I do carry it with me often enough to include it. 
  • Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea scented anti-bacterial hand gel. 
  • Little gloves - just in the winter when my hands are bound to get cold! 
  • Mini-brush for when the wind messes with my hair, lol. 
  • I alwaysalwaysalways carry gum. I am somewhat addicted to chewing gum. 
  • My Acer Liquid E cell phone. 

  • And my wallet of course! Just got this Guess one this Christmas, to go with my bag. It doesn't quite match but I love it. 
Also, I'll often carry whichever book I'm currently reading with me in my purse as well. One of the reasons it's so nice to have a big purse! Lol.

I tend to switch my purse with the seasons, as well as the things that are in it. I will probably do another one of these posts when that happens!


  1. I was just thinking this morning that I might do one of these types of posts! :D

    I love the Little Mermaid playing cards!

  2. OMG the Little mermaid playing cards are adorable! and so is your wallet:)